I love what I do and I do it for you ❤️

My name is Nataly Elian. Naftul is my nickname.
Fashion has been a big part of my world ever since I was young. My parents were both successful Israeli designers that filled up my childhood with sewing, cutting and lots of clothes. I learned to love everything about designing and knew that my future would head in that direction.

I currently live in Tel Aviv, a wild and exciting city that seems to never get any rest.

My studio is located not to far from my house, on the lower end of Tel Aviv, where I share the place with a few very talented shoe and fashion designers. Each designer has her own office space as well as a showroom that is really nothing like you’re ordinary fashion boutique.

Apart from ETSY, I also sell my designs at a few local clothing stores and of course here at my studio.

All of the clothes I design are clothes that I would like to wear. So before I begin to sketch, I start with the fabric. I tend to stick with comfortable and airy textiles. I test out samples of the fabric in order know how to work with them and only then am I able to really get inspired. I start out by sketching the basic look of my design and then begin to work on the pattern. Once I have made my first complete concept design, I can begin to duplicate the garment and then sell it.

ETSY is by far my favorite way to sell my clothes. I feel that although the social interactions are done through the web, it is one of the most personal and loving ways to sell or consume a product.

Although Israel is quite far away from most of my average costumers, I really try to give exclusive attention to each and every customer. The most important thing for me is a pleased customer. In any case of discontent or concern, I will always refund, replace or do anything in my capability to find a solution.

Looking forward for your visit!

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